Wednesday, November 25, 2015

dearest Allie

Oh, my sweet girl.  You have so fully and perfectly changed my life.  You are everything I could have ever wished for, hoped for and prayed for, and much more.  You are magical and wonderful and beautiful and precious.  You are the sunshine in the morning and the moonglow at night.   You are the bursting excitement we feel for this Christmas and the one we are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  You, my angel, have shown me why we had to wait so long and why we had to take a long journey with many stops to arrive here and find you.  It was always you, Allie.

It is my joy every day to discover new things about you.  To learn your little quirks and the things that make you you.  I love that you love to lie on my chest and I think it's funny when you fold your arms and lie your head on them.  I felt like I waited for an eternity to see you smile, and now you're smiling and it is the most delightful sight and you fill me to the brim with love.  I love when you look at me like you know I'm your mommy.  I love when you grab my finger or my hair and hold on for your dear life.

For the first time in my life I don't care that I'm tired.  I love waking up to feed you and hold you.  I soak in every moment because I know that the next time I blink you'll be big and you won't fit in my lap anymore.  You snore, baby girl.  You snore like a teeny weeny old man and it's so funny.  Tomorrow on Thanksgiving I will relish every moment of watching you get passed around and marveled at by our family and watching you discover more new faces.  We will watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and the dog show together and I will carry you around and show you all of Aunt Brenda's beautiful Christmas trees.  You love lights, Allie.  You gaze at them while I watch them sparkle in your big brown eyes.

So here's to your first Thanksgiving and to almost two months at home with us... Two months of rocking our world and filling it with magic.  You are a treasured gift, my sweet girl, and as my mom and I would always say to each other, "my cup runneth over."



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

we have a daughter

Allie Grace Woodward, born September 17, 2015


We have a daughter.

Those words are shocking, amazing, wonderful, surreal...

What started as a typical Thursday last week ended with us bringing home a baby.  Yes, it was that quick.  We didn't see it coming.  I had been to work that day and come home.  I had done a few things around the house, baked some cookies that I planned to bring to school the next day and share with teachers (sorry, teachers, they never made it!).  Luke was in Paducah at a meeting.  At around 3:30, my phone rang and I saw it was our adoption lawyer.  I could feel my pulse quicken as I answered.  He said, "Well, do you still want to adopt a baby?"  I chuckled nervously and said, "Yes."  Then he told me there was a birth mom sitting in his office with her two week old baby girl, and she wanted us to have her.  (She had looked at the pool of profile books of adoptive families and picked us.)  He followed that with, "So, how soon can you get here?"

It's hard to explain what was happening inside me as I heard his words.  I remember I began trembling and breathing really fast, and my mind was racing to so many thoughts that I could hardly form one coherent one.  I think I said, "Oh my gosh" a couple times.  He asked if I had a car seat.  Oh goodness, NO, I didn't.  He then told me that the birth mom would give me hers.  And after a few more seconds of short breaths I said, "I'm on my way."

On my way out the door I frantically called Luke and he didn't answer.  I left a voicemail and then texted him "Call me ASAP."  A few minutes later he called back.  I explained the situation through my shaky voice and probably didn't make a whole lot of sense, but somehow he understood that he needed to drop what he was doing and make his way to our lawyer's office.  I also called my mom and asked her to pray.  I then prayed myself and used the remainder of the drive to focus on attempting to calm down my shaky hands and short breaths.

I arrived at the office before Luke and walked in, holding my breath.  There was a woman (the birth mom) holding a tiny baby, and another woman (the birth mom's foster mother) next to her.  The baby had a dark complexion, dark hair, and the cutest little features.  I'm not really sure what I said first, but probably some sort of greeting, and then "Wow, she's beautiful."  The birth mom had tears in her eyes as she explained that she felt she just wasn't meant to be a mother, and that she knew that Luke and I were supposed to be her baby's parents.  I knew almost immediately by the way she spoke and the way she looked at her child that she loved her and she wanted what was best for her.  She said she knew during her pregnancy that she would need to give her up, but some people tried to convince her to keep the baby, so she prolonged her decision.  Luke arrived a few minutes in and joined the conversation.

I asked the birth mother (whose name I am protecting), "Out of curiosity, why did you pick us?"  She replied, "Because of your faith and your love for music.  I want her to grow up with that."

I cannot adequately explain it, but as this mother continued talking to me, a peace came over me.  She was so confident that we were her child's parents.  She was kind and wise.  She spoke with love in her voice.  It was as though God was using her in that moment to show us that this was indeed our child.  This woman was an angel.

Some quick fun facts... Allie's birth mom is African American and her father is Caucasian.  While we did not meet the father, the mother informed us he is 6'4".  Lordy mercy we might have a ball player on our hands!  I say, bring it on!!!
Allie's fingers are long.  I say, piano player!  (along with bball player)
Allie's birth mom loves to sing.  (Do you see how with every detail we found out we were more and more convinced that this was our child?)

Ok back to the scene.  She handed me the baby.  They had fixed a bottle and I fed her.  The foster mother went out to the car with Luke to help him install the carseat.  (My gosh, this is really happening.)  When she came back in, she and the birth mom were ready to leave.  We prayed for the birth mother together and then I gave her a long hug.  What a moment THAT was... How on earth do you say 'thank you' to the person who is giving you her child?

So we got the call at 3:30, and by 5:45 we were walking out of the office with a new baby.  WHAAAAT?!?!?

We actually didn't go home first.  We have worship team practice on Thursdays at 6:30, and for some insane reason I allowed Luke to convince me to not cancel it.  So, we took Allie to church with us.  I wish we had a video of the looks on the team's faces when we walked in with her car seat and said, "Well, here's our daughter."  Our drummer's wife (also our nursery coordinator) was there and she held Allie while we practiced.  Hey, this girl had to be acclimated to loud worship music at some point, why not the first night?  We wrapped up quickly so that we could take Allie home.  Oh, at this point, she wasn't yet "Allie."  She was still Baby Girl Woodward.  Since this happened so suddenly, we had not yet decided on a name.

Meanwhile my wonderful friend Roxanne had made a Wal-Mart run and brought us some essentials.  We already had a crib set up thanks to my brother and sister-in-law.  But no diapers, formula, etc.  Between Rox and some family members that night, we ended up having everything we needed.  (These are the moments you realize how loved you are and how utterly generous and wonderful and thoughtful the people in your life are... That they're all pulling for you.  They've got your back.)

The first night was rough for me, not because of anything Allie did, but because I could not sleep due to my heart beating out of my chest and my anxiety and shock over the fact that in the next room I had a sleeping baby girl.  (Of course, Luke slept fine, as all men do.)  What a whirlwind of a day it had been!  I'm pretty sure at this point we were both still in disbelief, but at the same time, on cloud nine.

For a couple days we stewed on names.  Luke is not very opinionated in this matter (making it both easy and difficult).  In one moment out of the blue he said, "What about Allie?"  I stopped short and looked at him because I have loved that name for as long as I can remember.  No joke.  There are other names I've liked for a season but not continuously, but I've always liked Allie.  We looked up the meaning of the name, and one meaning of Allie is "harmony."  We liked the idea of the name being musical or something connected to music.  I brought up "Grace" as a potential middle name, first and foremost because of the meaning of the word.  In Christian belief, grace is the free and unmerited favor of God.  We pray Allie will one day understand that God offers her His grace out of His unconditional love for her, just as we will forever love her unconditionally, too!  Her middle name is also extra special because her cousin's (my brother's oldest daughter) name is Grace!

She has been with us one week tomorrow, and I have fallen more and more in love with my sweet baby as each moment passes.  I look at her with a grateful heart and with awe-filled eyes and I know without a doubt, she was meant to be mine.  I know that I am now and forever her mother.

Sweet, precious Allie.  You were worth the wait.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

that time a little angel was in the vet waiting room

One of the many pieces of adoption paperwork is a form signed by your vet saying the pets in your home are safe for children.  So off to the vet I went to get our dogs' shots up to date and to get this form signed.  I was honestly a little stressed when we left home because I decided to take them without their crates for the first time.  While they are still relatively small in size, they are 15 and 20 pounds, and it is extremely difficult to try to carry them in their crates (at least for me).  So, I took them on their leashes.  I was nervous about how they would handle the vet waiting room (where other potential pets would be waiting nearby), and also about how I would handle them on their leashes to and from the car, etc... It's tricky handling 2 nervous dogs by yourself!

We arrived and luckily it wasn't crowded.  I checked in, showed the nurse the adoption form, and then took a seat nearby to wait.  A few people came in and out of the clinic with cats and dogs while Indy and Huck sat quietly at my feet.  I started to feel more at ease.  Then a quite wonderful thing happened.  A little girl who looked about six or seven years old approached us and asked me if she could pet my dogs.  I smiled and said, "Of course," and she patted each of them gently on their heads while they cautiously sniffed her.  Then before I knew it, she plopped right down on the floor and continued petting them as they began soaking her cheeks with excited kisses.  She giggled profusely as her mother sat nearby watching with a smile.  Huck soon decided this little girl was safe and climbed into her lap. (Wish I had a picture of that... Plump Huck trying to fit in her tiny little lap and not slide off.)  Indy sat right up next to her and made sure that he, too, was getting plenty of attention.  Meanwhile, the nurse smiled at me as if to say, "I doubt there will be any trouble getting your form signed."  And I smiled back with, "I promise I didn't pay this little girl!"

We must have all sat there for a good ten minutes, giggling and talking and carrying on, until finally we were called back to get shots.  Everything else went smoothly and we left with a signed form in hand.  I was so proud of my Indy and Huck for being so sweet to that little girl and while I already knew they were good with kids, seeing it in action before me just made me even more excited and sentimental about future Little Woodward playing in the floor with the doggies.

I beg you to start praying now that Little Woodward will not be allergic to them.
Because God help us if he/she is allergic.

God help us.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

babymoon in paradise

It was a risky move.

Trips, or "vacations" as people call them, tend not to go well for us.  Particularly at the beach.  Our first beach attempt (honeymoon), a family member died and we went back home.  Our second attempt a few years ago consisted of Luke coming down with something very similar to the flu, an urgent care clinic run, shots, antibiotics, and Luke in bed while I went to the beach by myself.  Yep.  In his defense, he DID feel better on the last day of that trip and we went parasailing. 

We so desperately longed for a healthy, relaxing, beach vacation "babymoon."  Since we don't know when we will be chosen by a birth mom, we wanted to go ahead and take a trip together and soak each other in before a new and busier season begins.  So, we booked it, and I started praying.  I prayed for God to allow us to have a relaxing time while staying healthy.  (And I prescribed Airborne to Luke and myself every day for two weeks leading up to the trip.)

Boy, did God ever deliver!  We were SO blessed to have a truly wonderful, beautiful, stress-free, healthy (aside from some unfortunate sunburns), FUN time!

 Almost every day we had a late breakfast and then spent the remainder of the morning and afternoon on the beach, which was just glorious.  I'm tellin' ya, I could do this boogie board thing for HOURS.  DAYS...  So much fun!  I regret I didn't get a picture of Luke in the waves.  He did those with his nice camera (which I'm sure he wouldn't have trusted me with, anyway).  We were usually in the ocean together, but he got out some to capture some photos and videos.

We booked through AirBnB and stayed in a lady's home.  We had a private bedroom and bath to ourselves.  One of the best perks of booking with her?  She let us use her golf cart every day to drive to and from the beach (it was about a 5 minute drive).  It was soooo nice not having to walk and lug all our stuff or drive a car and deal with parking!!  And the best part was, we fit right in with all the lovely older retired folks who were riding around on their golf carts in our neighborhood, lol. :) 

We were definitely blessed to enjoy some good eating!  We love visiting different Hard Rock's and really enjoyed this Egyptian-style one!

The Pirate's Voyage show and dinner was definitely one of the COOLEST things we did on our trip.  If you ever have the chance to go see it, GO!!  We were absolutely floored by all the acrobatics and stunts they did.  I mean I seriously had to remind myself to eat my dinner, because I was so mesmerized (and nervous because of the dangerous stunts) that I wasn't really interested in eating!  It is an awesome experience for both kids and adults!

A couple afternoons between beach time and dinner, we stopped by a coffee shop called Second Cup and chilled out for awhile.  This is one of our favorite things to do no matter where we are.  The Lukester loves coffee of course, but we also just love to sit and read or talk.  I cherish these times with my man!

Some friends suggested we try the Sea Captain's House for dinner, so we did!  We sat on the second floor and had a lovely view of the ocean.

We visited Ripley's Aquarium one afternoon.  The shark tunnel was my favorite.  We got to touch some jellyfish, which was a little anti-climatic.  Their texture is so thin and gel-like, you can barely feel them.

One night we went to the boardwalk and rode the Sky Wheel (pictured above).  We then walked around and ended up on a long dock that stretched out over the water.  We sat watching the waves come in and talked for a long time.  The night air and gentle breeze felt refreshing, and it was so peaceful sitting there with Luke, not thinking about anything other than that exact moment.

On our last night we found this little treasure.  You can't go on vacation and not have ice cream.  YUM.


Luke really wanted some good sunrise shots, so we decided to do it on the day we left since we were going to get up early anyway to get on the road.  When we left the house, it was rainy and yucky outside, so we didn't know if it was going to work out.  When we arrived to the beach, the rain stopped, and well, THIS happened.

It was breathtaking.  I am so, so thankful for this trip with my husband where we could truly 100% unplug from the daily grind and make beautiful memories we will always remember.


Monday, April 27, 2015

auntie thoughts

First, I just want to say thank you for such an overwhelming response to my last post.  The countless messages and verbal encouragement you've given us... We are blessed to have many surrounding us who are genuinely supportive and excited for us.  I will try my best to keep you somewhat up to date through the blog as we progress in the adoption process.

L to R:  Jacob, Joshua, (me), Grace, Hannah

For a couple days over my spring break I was able to steal away and finally meet my new niece, Hannah.  After a brief moment of shyness in the beginning, she was soon playing with me on the floor with the others, and as you can see above, reading with us on the couch.

Grace and Hannah 
(One thing I learned about Hannah immediately - she loves the camera!)

While my time with her was too brief, I enjoyed watching and learning about her.  She is a passionate, curious, pint-sized cutie who loves playing with her brothers and sister.

The most difficult thing about living far away from my family is that I'm not able to be a very involved aunt to my brother's children.  I grew up really close to all my aunts and saw them frequently.  I felt I had a special bond with each of them, and I just want the same for us.  I love my life here, but there is always an ache in my heart for them.  I have a fear that one day they won't want much to do with me or that I'll feel very disconnected from them.  I realize it's a somewhat silly fear.  My mother gently reminded me that since I do live far away, my time with them is probably even more special in their eyes, as opposed to if I saw them all the time.  Good point.  Still hard.

I will say, they certainly made me feel special in my short visit.  My loving little Joshua was in my lap or cuddling next to me the whole time I played with them.  A usually shy Grace latched on to me at Jacob's basketball game and never left my lap.  And Jacob told my brother he hoped he would make a shot for me to see at the game (and he DID!!).  It might seem corny to say it this way, but I felt like God was giving me a big hug that day through my nieces and nephews and reminding me that He does not forget the desires of my heart or the things that bring me joy.

He is my caring and compassionate God who notices my tears and orchestrates moments to show me I am loved by Him.

So for that I say thank You, God.  I do not deserve Your goodness.  I am grateful to be Your child.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

a wordy announcement

I’ve thought a thousand times about starting this post, how I would do it, what I would say, how much I would share...  And well, it’s time.

When I was around fifteen years old, my aunt and uncle adopted a baby girl from Russia.  There are a few moments from my youth that I still remember quite vividly, and the first time I saw my new cousin Irina was one of them.  I walked into their living room along with several other family members and there she was, about ten months old, sitting in a walker, staring at all these strange faces around her, her beautiful blue eyes wide and curious.  Her platinum blonde hair was sticking up a little in the middle.  She remained rather still and emotionless as she took in the sight around her… all kinds of new faces who were gawking at her and cooing and smiling.  She was the most precious sight.  And something else I remember in that moment was how much I already loved her… this baby who had come from across the world, who was not of our flesh and blood, who I hadn’t even held yet… But my heart somehow knew she belonged to our family and that she was forever my cousin.  This was my first close experience with adoption and it made me realize how natural and wonderful and beautiful it is.


Fast forward to my early years of marriage.  I really can’t remember all the different things that continued culminating this, but there came a point where I told Luke I had a desire to adopt children.  It wasn’t something that he had truly considered or thought about until that point.  I prayed that God would grow a desire in him for it.  Through the years, we were exposed to many adoption stories and advocates and things that really blew our minds regarding the need for and power of adoption.  Little by little, both Luke and I were more and more drawn to the idea of adoption.  One of our experiences that sealed the deal was when we attended the Passion conference in 2012, where the focus that year was on fighting slavery and human trafficking.  Something stirred in us and we knew our hearts would never be the same.  After that trip we pretty much set the plan in stone that we would adopt.  There are millions of orphans in the world, most of whom are in unthinkable situations be it trafficking or starvation or homelessness or abuse or God knows what else.  And what we came to believe without a doubt is that adoption is the purest picture of the Gospel on earth.  As we are children who are adopted by God, given His undeserved, unconditional and generous love, and rescued from our pit of brokenness, we are given the opportunity to do the same for a child through adoption.  Adoption is not some idea the Bible alludes to through a metaphor; It literally says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless in this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..” (James 1:27)  Where did we ever come off thinking that the needs of orphans and widows do not pertain to us?  If we as Christians don’t take care of them, who will?

Along with adopting, we wanted to try to have at least one biological child as well.  The thought of a mini-Luke running around fills my heart with pure delight.  To know a little being who has pieces of each of us… man, what a thought. 

Rewind back to my adolescence.  My cycles have always been irregular, sometimes nonexistent. Because of this, I knew that becoming pregnant would be a struggle or even altogether unlikely.  I was mentally prepared for this.  I never expected it to be easy.  In fact, I was okay with the likelihood that it wouldn’t happen from the very beginning, and part of my peace was in knowing that we would have children through adoption. 

I really wanted to begin the adoption process while we were trying to get pregnant because I knew in my heart that it wasn’t going to happen, and I didn’t want to waste any time.  Adoption is a long process and in my mind there was no reason to delay.  Not to mention, I figured it’d be much easier to look at negative pregnancy tests while knowing that we indeed had a child officially on the way through adoption.  But, Luke didn’t want us to split our focus at the time, and so we decided to try to conceive for awhile before starting anything with adoption.

And thus began a season of wilderness.

Given that I already had irregularities about my system, we didn’t wait long to let my doctor run some tests and look further into my issues while we were trying to get pregnant.  It was much more complicated than simply an irregular cycle.  I have had severe irritable bowel since I was a teenager, which likely stemmed from a 3-days ruptured appendix in my body when I was twelve (the appendix is attached to the colon, and after my surgery the doctor mentioned I could likely have colon “issues” down the road).  I also often have low blood sugar levels, and yada yada yada… But basically, the thing to know is, all these things connect and can affect factors in getting pregnant.  I have tried numerous medications through the years to help with IBS, none of which made a significant or lasting difference.  During my pregnancy attempt journey I was prescribed medicine to help regulate my blood sugar (which ironically ended up making my stomach more upset), so that didn’t last long. 

A couple years ago when we were first having some tests run, the nurse was speaking with Luke and I about the possibilities (not always a good idea, nurse… sometimes you should just wait for the results).  She said, “You could have polycystic ovaries (already knew that), you could be in early menopause, you could…”  And I didn’t hear anything she said after that.  I was still in my twenties at this point, and she used the word menopause.  We had to wait on results from my tests, so we left there in a daze and stopped to get lunch, as we were starving.  Neither of us said a word in the car.  My throat was tight and I could feel myself fighting back tears.  We ordered our lunch and sat at a table, and before either of us took a bite, I just lost it, right there in the middle of Taco Bell.  I was so caught off guard by what she said.  I was frustrated and mad.  Honestly I don’t even know if I was frustrated that there was a possibility I was in early menopause… I was more frustrated that I was going through all this, that I was putting myself through this pain of “let’s take this test” and “you might have this” and “let’s try this medicine” and “take your temperature on every third day of a full moon while standing on your head” while there are FREAKIN MILLIONS OF CHILDREN OUT THERE WHO NEED A LOVING HOME. 

Turns out I was NOT in early menopause, but showed signs consistent with PCOS.  I’m not a typical mold for it and there wasn’t an official diagnosis, but I suppose whatever I have is similar.  My doctor recommended I try Clomid to help me ovulate.  I was familiar with it because someone close to me in my life had taken it and had multiple children while taking it. 

I struggled with it.  I wasn’t sure I could feel peaceful about taking a fertility drug.  Again, why go through all this to make something happen when I knew we were going to adopt no matter what.  We eventually decided to give it a try for a few months, with no success.  (And of course, just like everyone else who struggles to conceive, approximately 87 of my friends and family became pregnant during this time.)

At the end of last year, I was done.  I was just DONE. 

Again, my pain was not about not being able to conceive – it was about why on earth we spent all this time when we could have just begun our adoption much sooner.

Now, friend, before you call me, before you start to text me, you need to know:

I KNOW why.  I know why all this came to be.  I know that God’s timing is good.  I know that all this is leading up to us adopting the children we are meant to have.  But good grief, it’s just hard.  It’s a big, confusing mess while you’re in the midst of it.  And that’s okay.  My heart is simply longing for my children.  And ready for this season to be OVER.

Which brings me to our big news, which will come at no surprise...


Like, it’s HAPPENING.

After years of discussing and being drawn to international adoption, after much prayer we actually decided on domestic adoption (for the first go-around).  We still hope to adopt internationally in the future.  Either way, there are babies and kiddos who need to be loved!  We have begun the process, and depending on when we get picked by a birth mom, it could happen fairly soon!

We are adopting through an agency out of Lexington.  The director met with us last weekend to do our home study, and we couldn’t have loved her more.  Our lawyer is local, and oh, funny story about how we got connected to him…

Many of you know I began teaching music at a local elementary school in the fall. (And by the way, working at an elementary school, or any public school for that matter, will immediately remind you that there are children right here in our back yards that need a loving home.)  At the beginning of the year, there was a sub across the hall from me, filling in for someone’s maternity leave.  I soon found out the teacher who was out had adopted.  Once she returned, we soon bonded through our stories and she became one of my main sources of encouragement as Luke and I made our final decisions in beginning the process.  She recommended her lawyer, and bam, we met with him and got the ball rolling.  Coincidence that this sweet teacher mama is right across the hall from me and that she is the kindest, most Spirit-filled angel-in-disguise-type new friend of mine?  I think not.  Coincidence that some of our best friends are adopting right now, too, or that my brother recently brought home a new baby girl from China?  Not even remotely.  God has always, ALWAYS surrounded us with the people we need… with people who we can learn from, who can encourage us, challenge us, comfort us, help us.

If you know me at all, you know that this wasn’t easy for me to write.  I like to be private.  But I’d been feeling a nudge for awhile to share our story.

Because, we’re not meant to do this life thing on our own.  We’re meant to do it together, in community, in a way that lifts one another up.  Cry with each other, learn from each other, pray for each other.  Many of you have already been praying for us and we are humbled and thankful for that.  We are asking you to now specifically pray for our child/children.  We will be adopting a newborn.  We have no preferences as far as gender or race goes and we would take twins (or more) in a heartbeat.  Pray for the birth mom.  Pray that she makes wise, healthy decisions throughout her pregnancy.  Pray that she has the courage and strength to do what’s best for her child and that she would allow God to bring her peace. 

If you stumble across this post and you are going through this, whether it be adoption or struggling to conceive, let me lift you up.  Let me cry with you, pray for you, celebrate with you.  You are not alone.

Another request, if I may… Please don’t come to me with ideas on how we can get pregnant, vitamins/medicines/concoctions to try, etc.  While I’ve no doubt God could give us a biological child if He wanted to and we’ll certainly never close that door, we have moved past it and are focusing on our adoption.  We are so excited about our new little one, wherever he/she may be!  Our hearts are fully invested in this, and we are not dwelling on whether or not we can conceive. 

It is a time to CELEBRATE!  It is a time of PREPARATION as we get ready for BABY WOODWARD!!!!  We invite you to celebrate with us.

And can I just take a moment and say, this guy is going to be the BEST dad.  Gosh, his heart, his patience, his love… I watch him make and apply homemade healing concoctions to our dogs’ wounds, I watch him get down on the floor as he lets them lick all over his face.  I watch him play pretend with our nieces and nephews.  I hear his stories from advising students at school and how he inspires them.  And most of all, I see how he takes care of me, how he loves me, how he gives me one zillion second chances after I fail him, and I’ve no doubt he’ll do the same with our children.  I’m lucky enough to be married to a man who’s love resembles Christ’s. 

It’s gonna be a beautiful, meaningful, wild ride.  And we can’t wait.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

a walk in the park

Look at those happy faces.

Saturday was one of those fifty-something degree days before the bitter cold hit again, so we loaded up and headed to the park.  Still working on the whole leash training thing, so while these look like pleasant pictures, I was holding tight and fierce to them, trying to reign them in.  We'll get there.

I am so stinkin' excited about this weekend.  It'll be TWO date nights in a row for Hubby and I.  Friday we're staying in, making dinner, and renting a movie (my favorite kind of date), and Saturday we are attending a formal dinner to support a local cause.  There will be dancing.  There will be lots of dancing.

This post has been brought to you by Huckleberry Edgar and Indiana Jones Woodward.  All rights reserved.  We'll steal your treats and all your kisses if you steal our pictures.